10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference

Conference Objectives

The purpose of this conference is to bring scientists from different disciplines together to work toward an integrated view of the global carbon cycle in the Earth System. The conference will consider spatial scales ranging from local and regional to global syntheses. It will also address multiple time scales, including the present day, the industrial era and future, as well as the last millennia and glacial/interglacial periods.

The conference will foster progress to better understand the human perturbation of the climate system. As a quadrennial conference, it will attract leaders in the rapidly growing field of carbon cycle science. It will also provide a unique platform for the exchange of the latest scientific results, for the dissemination of solution-oriented findings, for the initiation of new collaborations, and for the engagement of societal partners and outreach to non-academic circles and the public.

The conference will promote early-career scientists by facilitating direct contact between young and established researchers in the familiar atmosphere of the Interlaken Congress Centre. Keynote lectures and contributions by participants will provide a stimulus for curiosity-driven research.

The conference will contribute to the knowledge base and foster the development of the intellectual space needed to support transformations towards sustainability, particularly in the areas of decarbonization and climate stabilization. The conference will be a key venue for the scientific community to prepare the carbon cycle science needed to implement the United Nations Paris Agreement of December 2015 and to prepare the next assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).