10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference

GHG emissions reduction measures

ICDC10 recognizes its obligation to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and strives to minimize its carbon footprint by implementing the following measures:

  • Our caterer will serve vegetarian meals and avoid the use of emission-intensive products.
  • Local products will be used to minimize emissions related to transport. Meals will be prepared from high-quality, regionally and seasonally available products.
  • To minimize waste and reduce the use of plastics, each participant will be given a reusable water bottle. Quality-controlled, tasty and refreshing tap water will be served throughout ICDC10, and available at refill stations throughout the conference venue. Similarly, tableware will be used instead of disposable plastic cutlery.
  • ICDC10 excursions will rely on public transportation.
  • ICDC10 invites all participants to compensate their travel-related emissions. Compensation through a carbon offset company certified by CDM, Gold Standard or similar is recommended. 
  • ICDC10 encourages participants to use the highly efficient Swiss public transport system for travel within Switzerland.