10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference

Side Events and Meetings

Side Events open to all participants of the ICDC10
Mon, 18:00-20:00 GCP Side Event: Global and Regional Carbon Budgets
Wed, 12:30-18:30 IOCCP Side Event: Marine Carbon and Biogeochemistry Data Management and Synthesis
Thu, 18:15-19:45 GEO Side Event: Open Get-Together and Information Event of the GEO Carbon and GHG Initiative 
Meetings: for group members or on invitation only
18-20 August      Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) Meeting of the Global Carbon Project, Location: Hotel City Oberland, Contact: pep.canadell@csiro.au
19-20 August ASICA, Wageningen University, Location: Room RUGEN, Contact: wouter.peters@wur.nl
Thu, 18:15-20:30 SOLAS-IMBeR-IOCCP-CLIVAR Carbon Workshop, Location: Room RUGEN, Contact: lisa.maddison@imr.no. By invitation only.
Thu, 18:15-22:00 TransCom Meeting, Location: Room SUSTEN, Contact: Christian.Rodenbeck@bcg-jena.mpg.de